Mailing Address: 550 E. Levee St Brownsville, TX 78520
Phone number: 956.572.3730

The Brownsville Community Foundation

“The greatest good you can do for others is not just to share your riches but to reveal to them their own.” Benjamin Disrali

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Brownsville Community Foundation Mission

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Brownsville Community Foundation improves the lives of people in Brownsville by providing a vehicle to create permanent endowments, provide services to donors with varied interests and aiding the philanthropic community.

Brownsville Community Foundation is a:
perpetual endowment
vehicle for personal philanthropy
response to unmet needs
catalyst for change
venue for demonstrating civic commitment
strengthens the community
enhances individual lives

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The Brownsville Community Foundation was created in 1997 to provide an enduring, sustainable structure for encouraging community philanthropy and improving the lives of people in Brownsville.

The Foundation’s goal is to build a permanent endowment, with the income used to improve the heath, education and quality of life in the Brownsville community. As a catalyst for positive change, the Foundation builds on the strengths that already exist, and targets new and existing programs with the potential to address important local challenges. The Foundation also provides technical assistance and support to local non-profit organizations working on a range of important issues.