Mailing Address: 550 E. Levee St Brownsville, TX 78520
Phone number: 956.572.3730

The Brownsville Community Foundation

The Brownsville Community Foundation was founded with the mission of improving the lives of people in Brownsville by creating a permanent endowment in order to respond to community needs. It is also provides a vehicle and service for donors with varied interests while serving the philanthropic community.  

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Brownsville Community Foundation Mission

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Brownsville Community Foundation improves the lives of people in Brownsville by providing a vehicle to create permanent endowments, provide services to donors with varied interests and aiding the philanthropic community.

Brownsville Community Foundation is a:
perpetual endowment
vehicle for personal philanthropy
response to unmet needs
catalyst for change
venue for demonstrating civic commitment
strengthens the community
enhances individual lives

What is the Brownsville Community Foundation?

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We are a non-profit. The Brownsville Community Foundation qualifies as a Section 501 (c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code. Every fund created in the Brownsville Community Foundation qualifies for the maximum charitable deduction permitted by law. 

We are geographically focused. Community foundations like ours focus on a local area where we can get to know every social need, every organization, and every neighborhood. That way, we know where to put our donors' gifts so they do the most good.

We are well governed. The Board of the Brownsville Community Foundation provide stewardship for all contributed funds. Serving without compensation, the board members approve all grants made, review investment performance and oversee the operation of the Foundation. The men and women who make up our Board represent Brownsville's most distinguished civic and business leaders. Their charge is to serve our donors and our community.

We provide a service to donors. The Brownsville Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides expert, efficient administrative services for funds created by individuals, families and organizations in our community.  

We support local non profits. The Brownsville Community Foundation holds an annual granting cycle where we award various grants to non-profits within the Brownsville area. Our 2013 Granting Cycle was a great success, Click Here for a list of the organizations we were proud to support during our 2013 Granting Cycle.